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Co Loa: Was the princess to blame? (part 2)

Trong Thuy followed the trail left by the goose feathers and found'the beheaded body of his wife. He brought her remains back to the citadel and buried them there. Then he threw himself into a deep well.
In our days, at the village of Co Loa, in front of the temple dedicated to An Duong Vuong, is “Trong Thuy’s well.” Legend has it that following her death, My Chau blood trickled to the sea and was taken in by oysters living there. These oysters became pearl oyster and the gems found inside them acquired extraordinary brilliancy if washed with water from the well. The people found in this imracle evidence of the Princess’s innocence.
Visitors to Co Loa may see the site of the King’s Throne Hall, the temple dedicated to him. In whose grounds a festival takes place everywhere on the 6th of the first moon, the shrine dedicated to the Princess, the Well of Pearls, and vestiges of ramparts. The citadel was girded by three earth walls, respectively 8.65 and 1.6 kilometres long. They were separated by moats, most of them now filled up, but reportedly wide enough in their days for boats to sail there and join other waterways, ultimately to reach the sea. While the story of the magic cross-bow was only the fruit of popular imagination, the armed resistance put up by An Duong Vuong was quite real: archaeological excavations have uncovered thousands of bronze arrowheads in the area around Co Loa, which are evidence of the stubborn resistance offered by the ancient Viet to defend their first state in history. The annals record that the citadel had the spiral shape of the shell of a snail, hence its name.
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