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Paula Densnow

Paula Densnow
I have a hardcore Hillary supporter as a friend. She saw the over-the-top PBS special on Putin and took it as gospel. What is creepy, though, is that they are now saying things like this.....
''I've seen it .The only person on the planet Putins fear is Hillary Clinton. He's scared to death of her and fears she'll come back to finish what she'd started. He shouldn't have pissed her off and he knows it.''
And...''Bernie and third party people hate Hillary as much as the Russians do. They see themselves as Russians not as Americans but I guarantee you the Russians see them as Americans.''
And....''Putin may very well have doomed the country again. WE The People have a score to settle. Russia should be aware that we are coming soon enough and that we intend to bring hell with us.''
I find this frightening.
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